Greece and Croatia Tours

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Our Croatia travel brochure includes information on:

  • Split, Croatia
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • Zadar, Croatia
  • Hvar, Croatia
  • Zagreb, Croatia
  • Maps of Croatia
  • Island Hopping
  • Sail Croatia information
  • Cruising Croatia
  • Croatia accommodation
  • Tours of Croatia
  • Yacht weekly hire
  • Croatia sailing tour
  • Croatia car hire

Also ask us about:

  • Cheap flights to Croatia
  • Greece to Croatia tours

How to get the most out of our brochure and your time in Mediterranean

How to read our brochure

The brochure has been divided into sections for each country showing a variety of options available to both first time as well as repeat travellers.

For each country present in the brochure the selection of product although much larger menu is available. We offer 2 or 3 nights stopovers in major cities, day tours, short an comprehensive coach tours of certain region or the whole country, car rental, hotels accommodation and yacht charter. Due to space limitations we are unable to present all possible itineraries but please do not hesitate to contact us or check our website. Whatever your taste, we can find the right choice for you.

Unique Features of our Programmes

Although we offer regular day tours and coach tours our main strength are custom made packages for independent travellers who wish to combine various type of experiences. When visiting a country it is always a challenging to choose what to select as the best way to see the country. Is it a coach tour, train and stay, car and stay or combination of many. Of course there are different requirements for family of 4 travelling throughout 3 or 4 countries, honeymooners on the 2 weeks trip or couple on their long service leave. There is no one fit all and that is why in the brochure we generally present only the sample itineraries and limited number of most popular tours. The expertise of constructing itineraries that incorporate the best value product in the correct order is the key to save time and money, as sometimes reversing the itinerary or changing order can result in huge money saving alternative despite the fact that hotels and other product used are the same.

We offer a large selection of hotels in major cities to suite all tastes and budgets. We not only compete on price but most importantly provide information about the hotels to assure that clients choose the right product for their needs and budget. Our coach tours offer regular departures, depending on country some of them are in English only but all represent great value for money. We offer variety of unique experiences which can be added to itinerary like cooking classes, bullfight in Spain, opportunity to learn how to row like a Venetian or listen to music concerts.

Must See Sites - Croatia

Dubrovnik which is the World heritage UNESCO protected Medieval City on

the southern tip of Croatia's Adriatic Coast is an absolute must. So too is the

charming port city of Split with it's impressive palace of Diocletian, the Roman

Emperor. The islands of Hvar and Korcula are amongst the most popular as

well as unique Plitvice National Park with it's spectacular waterfalls.

Best Way to see Croatia:

Those who wish to see the mainland and historical cities of Split, Dubrovnik

or Zagreb will benefit most from a coach tour or car rental. However, if you

want to explore the islands of Croatia, a cruise in a Croatian Vintage cruising

vessel or a private yacht charter are great value ways to visit some of Croatia's

enchanting islands. Following the increase demand we have introduced

selection of tours that combine mainland coach tour with island cruise. For

those who wants independent travel on the island the selection of 6 diferent

island hopping passes is also available.

Duration of Stay- Croatia

To appreciate the best of Croatia's land based sites a week would be ideal.

There is no limit to the time that you could spend visiting Croatia's islands

and Adriatic coast, but most cruises are a week long and Yacht charter is Saturday and Sunday.

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D-Unity live on tour - Greece, Portugal, Croatia, Serbia
D-Unity live on tour - Greece, Portugal, Croatia, Serbia ...
By Bike from Italy to Greece (CROATIA) Fahrrad tour Kroatien
By Bike from Italy to Greece (CROATIA) Fahrrad tour Kroatien
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