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Discover our Greek islands travel guides and decide where you want to spend your holidays according to your preferences. We have prepared all our Greek islands guide with photos, travel information, maps and tourist services to help you organize your trip more easily.

To get the best of your Greek holidays, you can visit many islands during the same trip. In fact, most visitors choose to make island hopping holidays including 2-3 islands in their itinerary. In an amazing way, every island differs from the other with its own beauty and charm. There are islands for all preferences, from busy party islands to remote places.

Although Crete is actually an island, due to its large size and the many prefectures, we have included it in the mainland destinations.
Have a look to our Greek islands travel guide and choose your most suitable destinations for holidays. The islands destinations in the list bellow are divided according to island groups.

Don't know where to go?
Use our Location Finder or view a list with the (by popularity).

Greece has 6.000 islands in total, scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, of which only 227 are inhabited. They take up 7, 500 km of the country’s total 16, 000 km coastline.
Spreading in two main seas, the Aegean and the Ionian Sea, the Greek islands are divided into smaller groups. This section is a Greek islands travel guide and will give you information and photos for 62 islands in Greece. The most popular island group in Greece is certainly the Cyclades islands: Santorini island, Mykonos island, Paros, Naxos and Ios are famous islands all over the world, while the rest of Cyclades keep lower profile in tourism development. The Cycladic architecture is world famous and the culture of the population is very rich.
The islands of Dodecanese and Ionian are also very popular. Travel to Corfu island, Rhodes island, Zakynthos, Kos and Kefalonia also get very popular, while Karpathos, Lefkada, Thassos and Skiathos are islands that are becoming more and more famous every year. The good thing is that despite tourist development, the Greek islands do not lose their original character and provide wonderful atmosphere for true relaxation.
Have in mind that many times, an island and its main village has the same name. Also in Cyclades islands, most capital towns are called Chora. Explore our Greek islands guide and find out all useful information you will need.

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Lefkada Island. Greece Hellas. The famous beach "Porto
Lefkada Island. Greece Hellas. The famous beach "Porto ...
Corfu, Greece and the famous Mouse island "Pontikonisi"
Corfu, Greece and the famous Mouse island "Pontikonisi"
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What Do You Know About Greece? Famous Island ...
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