Ferry from Athens to Paros

Athens to Paros

The Piraeus Paros ferry route connects Greece with Cyclades Islands and is currently operated by 3 ferry companies. Blue Star Ferries operate their crossing up to 19 times per week, Sea Jets 7 times per week & the Hellenic Seaways service is available up to 12 times per week.

There are a combined 38 sailings available per week on the Piraeus Paros crossing between Greece and Cyclades Islands and with 3 ferry companies on offer it is advisable to compare all to make sure you get the best fare at the time that you want to travel.

Piraeus - Paros Ferry Operators

19 Sailings Weekly 4 hr Get price

7 Sailings Weekly 2 hr 35 min Get price

12 Sailings Weekly 3 hr Get price

Piraeus Paros Average Prices

Prices shown represent the average one way price paid by our customers. The most common booking on the Piraeus Paros route is a car and 2 passengers.

Piraeus Paros Ferry reviews


"Piraeus to Paros"

The ferry was clean and comfortable and ran to time .

'Gerald' travelled Piraeus Paros with Hellenic Seaways on Highspeed

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"Amazing Journey"

Puntuality, cleaning, efficiency: we cannot really complain.

'Anonymous' travelled Piraeus Paros with Blue Star Ferries on Blue Star Delos

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The journey was excellent and the ship amazing. Only flaw... Reserved seats booking: on board we discovered that to have the seat assign we had to pay €5 more. We refused because we alrady paid a lot. I will suggest to indicate on your website this.

'Luciano' travelled Piraeus Paros with Blue Star Ferries on Blue Star Patmos

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"Journey in the cyclades"

It is the third year that I'm going to Greece from Athens Pireau or Rafina. I always used Direct ferries service. I always like it starting from the easy and fast booking online. Ships are always punctual, enjoyable journeys. Clean and nice ships, kind staff.

'Laura' travelled Piraeus Paros with Blue Star Ferries on Blue Star Patmos

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Piraeus Guide

The port city of Piraeus in Greece lies on the Saronic Gulf in the Attica region of the country and forms part of the Athens urban area, with the centre of Athens located some 12 km from the port. The centre of Piraeus is generally congested with traffic and tends not to be place where tourists would go. The area has many of the facilities you would expect of a non-tourist town: banks, public buildings, pedestrian areas, shopping streets and the like. The area around Zea Marina and Mikrolimano Harbour are perhaps the most attractive part of Piraeus and have a good selection of restaurants, cafes and bars.

Piraeus is Greece's main port and the largest in Europe and the third largest in the world. Unsurprisingly, it is the hub of Greece's maritime industries and the base for its merchant navy. Having recently undergone a refurbishment, facilities at the port have improved and include ATM's, bureau de change, restaurants, cafes, bars and a number of travel agencies selling ferry tickets. destinations served by the port include the island of Crete, the Cyclades Islands, the Dodecanese Islands, the eastern parts of Greece and parts of the northern and eastern Aegean Sea.

Paros Guide

The Greek island of Paros is one of the Cyclades group of islands and lies in the Aegean Sea close to the island of Naxos which is about one hour away by ferry. It is a popular holiday destination and has a reputation for being a friendly island and very welcoming to its visitors. It is the second largest of the Cyclades and has many things to see and do including taking part in the many different water sports that are on offer. There is also the Church of Panagia Ekatantapiliani which dates back to 326 AD and is also popular with tourists. For a relaxing way to spend your time on the island there are some lovely tavernas that line the Parikia seafront and also some lovely beaches that include Agia Irini, Farangas, Kato and Logaras.

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Source: www.directferries.com
Wedding dj in Athens-Greece, Mykonos, Paros, Santorini
Wedding dj in Athens-Greece, Mykonos, Paros, Santorini ...
Paros to Athens
Paros to Athens
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