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Whilst staying in Athens you may be planning to visit other parts of Greece, either on the mainland or visiting the many islands. A good recommendation is to drop in to the offices of the Greek National tourist Organization GNTO infodesk, at 2 Amerikis Street telephone210-322-3111 Here you can pick up, free of charge, regional, informative pamphlets and maps that contains nearly all the information you may need about useful phone numbers, services, ferry boat schedules and accommodation. You can get as well programs of all the annual festivals held in Athens and all over Greece. These are published in all the main European languages.

Banks and ATM'S in Athens

Almost in every corner you will find a bank or an ATM machine 24 hours a day so cash will never be a problem as long your bank account is fine. Almost all shops hotels and restaurants accepting credit cards. Here are some of them .The National Bank of Greece 86 Aeolou str:tel 2, Alfa bank 40 Stadiou, Eurobank, 8Othonos str:Tel.Comercial bank of Greece, 11 Sofokleous
You can find as well branches of foreign banks like American Express 2 Ermou Street Tel:, Bank of America 39 Panepistimiou Citibank 8 Othonos str tel -2.Bank of Nova Scotia 37 Panepistimiou, Bankers Trust, BNP Banque Nationale de Paris, Kolonaki 5 Koumbari st. tel Credit Lyonnais 75 Vas. Sofias, National Westminster Bank Halandri 296, Kifissias Ave. & Navarinou tel:-5, Barclays Bank, 1Kolokotroni & Stadiou str. tel: . Credito Italiano Kolonaki 15Voukourestiou st. tel:2, Grindlays Bank 7, Merlin st. tel:-5, Chase Manhattan Bank Piraeus 87 Akti Miaouli st. tel: Banka Commerciale Italiana 3 Mitropoleos st. tel:-7 BFH Pireaus 16 2nd Merarhias & Filonos st. 2 Arab Hellenic Bank Koukaki 80-88 Sygrou Ave. 2ABN Amro Athens 3 Paparrigopoulou st. Klafthmonos sq. tel:2 ABN Amro Pireaus 59 Akti Miaouli st. tel:2 American Express Pireaus 13 Skouze & Kolokotroni 2-2 Bayerische Vereinsbank Kolonaki 7 Iraklitou st. tel:Citibank 52-54 Syggrou Av tel:

Currency and Foreign Exchange

As part of the European Union, the official currency in Greece is the Euro. So for most Europeans now there are no problems with foreign exchange. Non EU citizens can exchange there currency at every bank or Post office, at travel bureaus and at foreign exchange offices. Hotels, shops, restaurants and travel agencies all accept credit cards.

Because of the Euro, the difference in prices of goods among European countries are now very similar. However, some things remain considerably cheaper, especially compared to Northern Europe. Furthermore, these are the essentials such as taxi and transport fares generally, eating out, clothing, vegetables and fruit, cigarettes and alcohol. Also rents and rentals on holiday accommodation are still very reasonable (although don't expect the giddily low prices here of the 1970s!)

Alternative route to the Cyclades Islands

If you are intending to visit the Cyclades Islands of Andros, Tinos, Syros, and Mykonos, and further to the islands Paros, Ios, Santorini, or the Dodecanese, like Rhodes or Kos, you can either take the ferries or hydrofoils from Piraeus or, alternatively you can also depart from the Port of Rafina on the east coast of Attica. At both ports there are frequent daily departures. To get to Rafina you can get the bus from Pedion to Areos at the Junction of Patision and Alexandras Boulevard, near to the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

Mobile phones

Many of you will consider about your mobile phones the easy and cheapest solution if you stay longer in Athens and in Greece generally, just drop in to a mobile phone shop and get your self just a new sim card (only 40-50 EURO) of course your mobile will have a new number but you can always inform your callers about your new dial number

Calling cards

Smile and Web, Pre-Paid calling card powered by the Greek Telecom OTE which is addressed to people that wish to call with outstanding low rates through their fixed phone to fixed phone, long-distance and international calls with the price of 13 cent / minute, to mobile phones 21, 4 cents / min another popular one from the same company is the OTEKARTA. On the market there are many other cards from various telephone companies like Wind, Vodafone, Q Telecom etc.

Accommodation problems

If in high season, you find yourself stranded with no accommodation, you can get assistance from the local offices of the tourist police tel: 171 which are attached to the police stations. You can book online accommodation in Athens from our page. A good alternative place to stay are the islands near to Athens like Salamis, Aegina and Poros as well all the coastal areas of Attica who are within one hour distance from Athens center

Useful Telephones

(In all telephone numbers in Athens and Piraeus add the area code 210 except the emergency ones)

Police: 100
Emergency Medical Assistance: 176
First Aid Center: 166
Poison Treatment Center: 7793777
ELPA Tourist Information Service: 174
ELPA Road Assistance: 104
Fire Department: 199
Tourist Police (GNTO): 171
Announcements On Telephone Calls Abroad: 161
Information On Calling Abroad: 162
Instructions for International Calls: 169
Telephoned Telegrams Abroad: 165
Directory Assistance Athens-Piraeus-Suburbs: 11880
Directory Assistance Rest of Greece: 132
General Information Service (OTE): 134
Wake up & Message Service: 182
Accident Hospital - KAT: 8014411
GNTO Offices: 3223111/9
Greek Railway Organisations (Ticket Office): 5222491
Greek Coach Services (100 Kifissou st.): 5124910
Greek Coach Services (260 Liossion st.): 5124910
Pireaus Port Authority: 4511311-21
Pireaus Port Organization (OLP): 4520911
Passport Office : 4171584 - 4523754
Piraeus Customs: 4511217-8
Saronic Shipping Lines: 4124533 rtve researchgate post article
Greece - Tourist information
Greece - Tourist information
Best Athens Tourist Places
Best Athens Tourist Places
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