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As of June 29, domestic account holders can only withdraw €60 per day from cash machinesAs of June 29, domestic account holders can only withdraw €60 per day from cash machines

Before heading to Greece, the Foreign Office advises that holidaymakers make sure that they have enough euros in cash to cover 'emergencies, unforeseen circumstances and any unexpected delays.'

However, experts warn that travellers should avoid it being in all high denomination notes, as traders may not have much cash for change.

‘In Greece some businesses, like restaurants and bars, will say they are cash only, so the money won’t go into their accounts so it is vital to have the supplies ready, ' he added.

Keep in mind that pickpockets and petty thieves will also surely be aware that tourists have been advised to bring plentiful amounts of cash with them and visitors should be extra vigilant while touring.

However, Lewis assures travellers that so far they've had 'no reports of out of the ordinary theft.'

Still, you may want to stash most of it in your hotel safe and divide cash among your party so that one person isn't responsible for carrying it at all times

And although the current €60 (£42) cap on cash machine withdrawals doesn't apply to foreign account holders, many of the machines are also running out of money.

Ones that are stocked are said to have exceptionally long queues.

Although the cap does not apply to tourists, many machines are running out of money and queues are said to be exceptionally long

On the other hand, however, as the pound is particularly high against the euro right now, the situation makes it far more affordable to travel.

Although the cap does not apply to tourists, many machines are running out of money and queues are said to be exceptionally longIn fact, holidays in the Mediterranean are estimated to be about 12 per cent cheaper than they were last summer. And June is one of the most optimal times to go, as the beaches are not yet crowded and the weather hasn't gotten too hot.

Where's the economic crisis?

It's also worth mentioning that many of those who book holidays to Greece do so as part of all-inclusive packages from tour operators, which means that many of their costs will have been paid up front and out-of-pocket expenses will be minimal - and they likely won't have to visit a bank at all.

Olympic Holidays and Ionian Holidays announced on Monday that customers will be able to draw cash from tour reps, secured against a credit or debit card, in the unlikely event that they run out of money, according to The Guardian.

Holidaymakers on the ground are also reporting that changes have only really been noticeable in the last 24 hours.

But over the past few weeks, as he and his girlfriend went island hopping, he didn't see any signs of an impending economic meltdown.

'We were saying, 'Where's the economic crisis?' he added. According to the couple, hotel owners and operators were wondering the same thing.

'Yes, there were hours and hours of queues on Sunday night, ' they said. 'But we just waited until [Monday] afternoon when queues had calmed down to get our own.'

Most tourists currently in Greece say that very little crisis activity has been evident on the ground - and many have booked all-inclusive getaways so costs were pre-paid anyway

On June 29, the Greek Embassy in London issued a statement to all prospective travellers ensuring them that the banking crisis should not affect their holiday plans for those heading to the islands and beach resorts.

Unless you're spending time in Syntagma Square in Athens, it's unlikely you'll even encounter a protest during your vacation.

'The Greek government informs those visiting or about to visit Greece, that the announced measures restricting the movement of capital do not affect in any way those who wish to make transactions or ATM withdrawals using debit or credit cards issued abroad.

'It should also be noted that there is ample availability of both fuel and all products and services that ensure a smooth and fun stay for visitors in every city, region and the islands.

'Greece continues to guarantee a high level of quality of services offered to visitors who have made our country a top tourist destination worldwide.

'The minister of tourism, Elena Kontoura, reiterates that Greek tourism remains high in the preferences of our visitors. The tourists who are already here, and those who are planning to come, will not be affected in any way by the events and will continue to enjoy their holiday in Greece with absolutely no problem.'

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